Insight Internet


Hey! My name is Mark and I am a Web Developer based in Edinburgh. I have been working in various web roles since graduating in 2002 in areas as diverse as Lerwick in the Shetland Islands to Sydney, Australia. I decided to produce this site to showcase some highlights of the work I have been involved in.

About me

One thing that has remained constant throughout all my previous positions has always been my desire to make my work accessible to everyone regardless of OS or device. I have created this site so it is fully responsive and can be viewed equally well on any platform.

About this site

I have broke the content of into 3 areas that can be accessed via the links above and in the footer:

  1. online CV - This is page contains information on previous projects, contact details and my education
  2. git - this page contains some of my live Github contributions created while working at the Stage Media Company with links to both my codepen and github profiles
  3. portfolio - This page showcases my previous work